How to (Almost) Guarantee You Won’t Get Ripped Off Shopping For Auto Insurance Quotes Online

Most insurance companies catch a bad rap. One claim denied, one inexperienced customer service rep, and they’re crucified on the altar of corrupt businesses-not a comfortable place to be! Most insurance companies are there to help you out, and if you get the short end of the stick it’s because someone, somewhere, made a mistake. Nine times out of ten, you can take that to the bank when you’re shopping for auto insurance quotes online.

There are exceptions to every rule, however, and it’s those exceptions you have to watch out for. While most insurers have your back when the time comes, there are those that are going to give you grief from the word “go”-or worse, aren’t real insurers at all. Since you’re really going to wish you knew all that at the beginning if you decide to throw your hat into the ring, here are some red flags to watch out for when you’re shopping for auto insurance quotes online.

1) They’re not listed with the BBB. Any insurance company worth its salt is going to know that its customers are going to be concerned, and they’re going to want to alleviate that concern in any way possible. That includes making sure they’re in good standing with the BBB. If you can’t find them there, there’s a good chance that you won’t find them anywhere…

2) They don’t ask about your car. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of ways to save money on your auto insurance quotes online. A good insurer is going to go out of their way to make sure you have the chance to benefit from all of them!

3) They don’t seem to care about you. Your car isn’t the only thing that’s going to save you money when you’re shopping for auto insurance quotes online. Who you are says a lot about how responsible a driver you’re going to be. Legitimate auto insurance companies will consider your driving record, where you live, where you work, where you park, how often you drive, where you drive and what you drive when they’re guesstimating your premiums. If they don’t take the time to ask about that, they just don’t care.

4) Their customer service people are clueless. A good company will make sure it’s got good people manning the phones. If their customer service people are clueless when you talk to them, their sales people can’t answer all of your questions (or refer you to somebody who can) and/or something just doesn’t feel right, take a lesson from Gibbs and go with your gut. There are plenty of other fish in the sea.

5) Their consumer ratings stink. There’s no better way to put it than that. No one’s going to give you the cold, hard truth about a company than their current customers, so while you’re shopping for free car insurance quotes online take the time to check out the company’s rep. Remember, you can’t please all of the people, all of the time, but you should be able to please at least some of them. If they can’t, you’ve got a problem-and they don’t deserve your business.

Make Your Selection Using Auto Insurance Comparisons Online

Looking for the best car insurance rates for your needs? You can go online and get not only low auto insurance rates, but you can do complete auto insurance comparisons. This will allow you to select the companies that best meet your specific insurance needs as well as make it easiest for you to pay for the coverage. You will find information on which companies are the best when it comes to claims paying. This is probably the number one rating for making your selection.

You can use the auto insurance comparisons to find out which companies have the lowest rates for your needs also. If you are looking for family coverage, you can find the companies that are the most competitive for family rates. If you are single, you can compare the rates for people your age. After comparing the rates, you will be able to compare the lowest rates with the best claims paying rating and narrow down your search results a bit.

Most people want to be able to get in touch with their insurance company if the need arises, to get answers to their questions. Many auto insurance comparisons will rate how easy or difficult it is to get in touch with someone for customer service. When you find the top companies for customer service you can further narrow down your choices. Maybe at this time, you have only one company left.

After you have done your comparison shopping, you should get a live quote from the company and if you are satisfied with it, you can normally apply online. Within a short period of time you will have the best plan available for your needs, by simply using auto insurance comparisons online. With the Internet, you can get the best rates and insurance plans without even leaving home.

You Probably Should Shop For Auto Insurance Quotes Online BEFORE Road Construction Starts!

If you’re anything like me, there’s nothing worse than trying to drive knowing there’s a solid four inches of cement between you and the car on the other side. Road construction season opens a whole new doorway to disaster when you’re cruising the friendly highways-and makes it very, very hard to remember why you didn’t take the time over the winter to go shopping for auto insurance quotes online!

If you live in the north east (or anywhere that snow and ice wreaks havoc with the roads during the winter) you’re already knee-deep in roadwork. Road construction can make safe driving difficult, for many reasons. First, there are the cement medians I talked about earlier. 3-4 inches too far to the left or the right, and you’re up close and personal with a huge slab of concrete. Then there are road cones. Potholes. Exposed wiring and gas lines left behind by anxious road crews more worried about spending their paychecks than making sure the roads are drivable when they’re gone.

Unfortunately, if you have an accident because of any of these you’re going to be the one at fault. Why? We can only assume half of that is because insurance companies have never had to slog through mile after mile of road work and the other half is the foolish assumption that if it isn’t moving, it must be your fault if you hit it. Try to convince them that road cones went dancing across the highway before you could do anything about it and you’re liable to be slapped with the bill for a shrink along with one for the repairs to your car!

Since you and I both know road construction season is risky, there’s only one thing to do. Make sure you’re well insured. And the best way to do that without having to spend a fortune is to go shopping for auto insurance quotes online.

Where should you look when you’re shopping for auto insurance quotes online? The possibilities are (literally) limitless. Almost every auto insurance company across the U.S. is doing business online these days. There are also quote services out on the web that work with a large variety of insurers and can give you multiple quotes after only filling out a single form, helping you save time and money with a few taps of the keypad.

And if that doesn’t sound like a bad commercial, I don’t know what does!

The bottom line is that the web provides you with the greatest number of options when it comes to finding auto insurance quotes. Online, you have access to companies from the Atlantic to the Pacific and back again, and almost all of them will let you fill out a digital form for an instant quote instead of having to spend hours on the phone haggling with their customer service representatives.

So what are you waiting for? Go shopping for auto insurance quotes before road construction season gets the best of you. You’ll be thankful you did.